Climate change

Climate change – a set of global processes that cause changes in climate indicators, the most important of which is global warming.
We are increasingly seeing various climatic extremes – droughts, floods, major fires etc.
Many animals and plants are endangered or already extinct.
Natural ecosystems are degraded.
Together with other negative changes, it makes our planet less suitable for life.
Unfortunately, our unsustainable economic activities are considered to be one of the main causes of climate change.

Landscaping &

environmental goals

People always try to change ambient landscape – make it comfortable, safe & aesthetically pleasing. But do it damaging nature is not sustainable. Salix Solution will help you to solve different landscaping & environmental goals using climate-friendly methods & materials.

Salix Solutions is climate business offering
services of landscape bioengineering

Landscape bioengineering – a set of methods where living plants are used to solve different problems of landscaping, infrastructure creation & environmental restoration

Living plants are replacing different artificial materials, such as plastics, metals & concrete etc.

Some examples:

Some examples: hedges and fencing plantings, streambank & slope protection structures & plantings, decorative structures & plantings, domes, children’s playground structures etc.

Sustainability = completed cycle of services:

assessment of the situation & information gathering → proposal for a solution, discussion & conclusion → project implementation → further cooperation – maintenance, consultations & other kind of cooperation

Living plants are not only absorbing CO2 – major gas of global warming, but they also produce O2, improve biodiversity & looks much better than boring concrete walls…