Partners & Projects

Together with two other partners Madona`s cooperation project grant was gained for development of website & Google ads.

LAD LEADER project was accepted ( The main goal is construction of office & warehouse complex for Salix Solutions` needs.


Salix Solutions joined Madona`s Business Incubator (, for boosting of business capacity especially for export.

Development of new product – live poles for agricultural fence. It’s climate friendly & sustainable solution for installation of agricultural fences.

Development of new product direction – living structures of urban areas. Potential application – public transport stop, relaxation zones & elements of urban green space.

Selection of new location place for Salix Solution in Kalsnava, Madona`s district. There will be office, warehouses & plantations of plant material.

Madona`s business idea grant was achieved, thanks to that more instruments, big trailer & marketing tools were bought.

Participiation in EIT Climate-KIC Pioneers into Practice program ( The program included studies on diff. aspects of climate change and work on related projects.

Participation in EIT Climate-KIC Greenhouse program ( The program included training in climate business, development of own climate business idea & grant for marketing tools & consultation with diff. specialists.